Weekly Devotion – August 7th

Weekly Devotions

Weekly Devotion - August 7thSunday we celebrated the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Upon witnessing this vision of God’s glory, Jesus tells His Apostles, “Rise, and do not be afraid.” Just like the Apostles that accompanied Jesus on the mountain, we are also called to be witnesses of God’s glory.

We pray together: St. Jude, heal me of all that I bring to you in prayer. May my devotion to you always remind me of the power of my Christian faith to save.

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  • Wm August 10, 2017 at 12:19 AM

    Father, Break the silence. In the name of Christ, Amen

  • mom-prayers for son August 8, 2017 at 10:27 AM

    St Jude Holy Saint, I plead you to carry my prayers to our God Father and son Jesus Christ our Lord for my son. Blessings of right happenings in all that is associated , in his every day activities, work, job, applications and all that he does. Blessings of smooth transition to the new apartment and that God intervenes with the Realtor/landlord and does everything good for him, the interior, outside, locks, baths, keys etc. That he is blessed with God’s wisdom and guidance and the God’s Holy spirit guides him with medical school applications with right happenings. That God blesses him with a good medical school to attend and do medicine and become a medical doctor soon. That God blesses with this favor and gives us an opportunity to visit St Jude Shrine with our sacrificial thanks giving and testimony this year. Amen. That God heals him completely from the surgery and also heals his shoulders with no surgery. Amen.

  • Marguerite MCollins August 8, 2017 at 6:16 AM

    Thank you for my sales yesterday may they increase each day .zthsnk you again .

  • Rose May August 8, 2017 at 1:01 AM

    St. Jude i love you so with all of my heart and soul. Forgive our sins and give us strength to face the problem in life. St. Jude im not losing hope for my documents please help me to return that envelope. Im begging to u . I ❤️ u .

  • suzanne o'meara August 7, 2017 at 12:57 PM

    apart from all my other problems – the new changes to USA immigration & travel rules is depressing for me . i live in cape town s africa. i do sign many petitions for animals worldwide . i have an irish passport & cousins in USA. with the new regime , it will be totally impossible for me if the also abolish the diversity lotto green card permanent residency . i was hoping that USA & Canada would copy EU & Europe to allow free automatic visa-free permanent residency to EU passport holders whether non-worker or worker . & not high tax. there is so many games going on with religion & politics & buddhism & countries & hierarchy .in the end, my very own closest friends will turn from me & play a double game & betray without any care or remorse . like candide & zadig the hermit was a bad guy & took the money & everyone was abandoned & no-one had anything , total betrayal.

  • Julia Woodward August 7, 2017 at 12:55 PM

    St Jude please pray for my nerves and anxiety and pray for my family but pray to make feel better with my anxiety and back to work and be me please St Jude Amén

  • Lucas August 7, 2017 at 11:27 AM

    Please pray that I find the strength to get back to work, to heal, and to be stronger than ever. And also, that I may NEVER lose Faith.

  • Eva August 7, 2017 at 11:03 AM

    St Jude I pray for fast healing. So I can go back to work. In Jesus name amen.
    Pray for me, you knew what my heart desire. I am asking for your help in all difficulties happening to my life. Thank you st Jude for always carrying me in your arms. Amen

  • Leticia Tomihara August 7, 2017 at 10:19 AM

    please pray for grandaughterand grandson board exam help him pray for his success of his exam Amen

  • Martin August 7, 2017 at 9:37 AM

    Dear St. Jude,

    For my son, for my job, for my troubled housing situation, I pray. Amen.

  • Danica wisnowski August 7, 2017 at 8:45 AM


  • Chinwe August 7, 2017 at 8:36 AM

    St. Jude continue to pray for my family

  • Lisa August 7, 2017 at 7:25 AM

    Continued prayers for healing.

  • denise August 7, 2017 at 5:14 AM

    maintain 102 Keep going thru TOUGH PROCESS THank you for Me NEVER GIVING UP !!! More HUmility more Faith more Believe trust thank you mary ann Give me your EYES to see ALL thru you Jesus thank you ACTIONS! Mary ann

  • mary August 7, 2017 at 3:14 AM

    Dear St Jude,
    Please make sure i have a wonderful week at work. amen

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