Weekly Devotion – November 24th

Weekly Devotions

Weekly Devotion November 24thOur reflection from the Gospel this week is:

“As you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.”

Bible Diary for November 23rd – 29th

Bible Diary

November 23rd

Christ the King

1st Reading: Ezk 34:11–12, 15–17
Indeed Yahweh says this: I, myself, will care for my sheep and watch over them. As the shepherd looks after his flock when he finds them scattered, so will I watch over my sheep; and gather them from all the places where they were scattered in a time of cloud and fog.

Weekly Devotion – November 17th

Weekly Devotions

Weekly Devotion - November 17thIn the Parable of the Talents, Jesus tells His disciples about the amount of trust the master places in his servants. He expects the servants to use the money responsibly, and rewards the ones that do.

Bible Diary for November 16th – 22nd

Bible Diary

November 16th

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

1st Reading: Pro 31:10–13, 19–20, 30–31
The woman of character, where is she to be found? She is more precious than any jewel.
Her husband has complete confidence in her; she will be of great benefit to him.
She brings him only good and not evil, all the days of her life.

Weekly Devotion – November 10th

Weekly Devotions

Weekly Devotion November 10thIn this week’s Gospel reading, Jesus clears the temple of people who turned the temple area into a marketplace. It is symbolic how in our life Jesus wishes us to cleanse our lives so that the Holy Spirit may dwell within us.